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We are perfectly aware of all the problems a rider faces when buying a bike: the price advertised in the Internet is for some reason higher when you get to the showroom; the bike’s condition is worse than advertised; the advertised bike is not the one available at the showroom, there is a bunch of "fees" on top of the price - NOBODY SHOULD EVER DEAL WITH THIS! Period.

Proud To Ride Powersports has a simple and clear mission:

We deliver the best possible motorcycles at the best possible prices and we treat customers as we expect to be treated ourselves.

When you call our store you can be sure that what you hear over the phone is what you find in the showroom.

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Proud To Ride Powersports was incorporated in 2009 and is privately owned. Unlike franchised dealers the company specializes in used motorcycles only —THIS IS OUR PRIMARY BUSINESS! We carefully choose the bikes that we offer for sale. We do not buy just any bike only because we need something to sell - quality is our primary objective.

We have been in the export business years before we incorporated as Proud To Ride. And we are very experienced and knowledgeable in exporters' needs and concerns. We offer special exclusive services to our export customers and we are 100% straight and honest in what we sell - check out our motorcycle export section for more information.

We offer low prices on motorcycles and ATVs in our inventory. This is not at the expense of the quality. This is because we have optimal financing - only owner's funds are used in the business, no floor planning or any other loans are used - and we keep our operations expenses to a minimum.

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We have a well planned supply chain. We do not rely on external financial resources and we keep our shop small and efficient. With these simple steps we deliver the best at the lowest price.

To provide full service to our customers, we have a broad range of motorcycle apparel and helmets and most common spare parts right in our store at all times. When you buy your first bike you will not have to drive it home without protection.

If you are an experienced rider and need to service or repair your bike, please, this will be done by our qualified certified mechanics - quickly and reliably.


Whatever your needs are Proud To Ride Powersports is at your service.

We are proud of what we sell, and you will be proud to ride the bike you bought from us!

Proud To Ride Powersports Inc.