We started doing this a bit later than motorcycles - in 2008. Nevertheless we are going to fill this niche to the best of our ability. Please, check our current inventory of used ATV. If you did not find something that you where looking for we will buy an ATV for you on our local market on your special order or from the auctions - we are a registered licensed dealer.

We export both to businesses and individuals. Canada buyers are welcome as usually.

And we also export OEM and aftermarket atv parts worldwide for both individuals and entrepreneurs. For parts export, please, contact our atv parts department directly.


ATV export for businesses

ATV export and wholesale follows the same pattern as our motorcycle export. We have special pricing for our wholesale partners which is shown directly on our website after you receive your dealer status and log-in to your account. It is a good idea to use only full container loads export scheme as the individual packing for an ATV is quite expensive due to the size. It can be done though. The full 20' container houses about 10 ATVs and this is not much. The full 40' HC container houses about 22 ATVs usually. Prior to packing and shipping all our export ATVs will have their fuel drained for safety reasons and batteries disconnected to preserve them in working condition.


ATV export for individuals

At Proud To Ride, we are interested in your total satisfaction. We will do our best to furnish you with all required information about your ATV, methods of payment and of course we will handle all shipping issues for you.

This service does not just mean that we will make a phone call or two on your behalf. We make a custom crate for your purchase and ship it from the Port of Miami to your port of destination.
Please, be aware of the customs clearance procedures in your country prior to making a shipment. It might be difficult to correct shipping documents that accompany your purchase, so it is smart to make things right from the very beginning.

We export parts and accessories. Whatever you need that is marketed here in the United States - you can get it from us mailed right to your home! We use all available mailing services for shipping parts.