Used ATV (four wheelers) for sale

We carry a full line of used ATVs for sale (used 4 wheelers for sale), from a full line of manufacturers. These used ATVs are purchased from auctions, dealers or individuals. Any used ATV for sale are thoroughly inspected and certified in good condition - just like our bikes.

We always keep our warehouse stocked with:

- used Polaris ATV
- used Bombardier ATV (or BRP, CAN-AM)
- used Honda ATV
- used Yamaha ATV
- used Kawasaki ATV
- used Suzuki ATV

We classify our used 4 wheelers for sale in three categories: utility, sport, and children's models (kids quads). So you have a better understanding of the used ATVs and used 4 wheelers for sale from our inventory, here is a simple guide:


Utility ATV

utility Utility ATVs were originally intended for work. They carry cargo, haul trailers and function very well in rough terrain. Utility ATVs have powerful engines, high torque and commonly AWD --essential to maintaining traction. Utility ATVs are now used for another purpose – FUN. Utility ATVs are able to develop decent speeds and have truly universal applications. With the help of various accessories and special-tuning, they can be adapted to any need. Used 4 wheelers of this type can stand up to extreme usage with little effect.


Side-by-side ATV

Side-by-side ATVs are the most convenient utility ATVs. In most cases they have full wheel drive and other functions of powerful utility four wheelers. Side-by-side ATVs have two comfortable seats, handle for passenger. In fact side-by-sides are the only ATVs with seats for more than just one person (driver). They are great for hunting and long off-road trips.


Sport ATV (race four wheelers)

racing Sport ATVs are very lightweight and rigid, have awesome suspensions, powerful engines, and rear-wheel drive which allows you take turns with drift - a real man's sport! More than that - you can make incredible jumps and tricks on a sport ATV, just like they do on motocross bikes. Many of these used four wheelers have barely been driven, at least we do our best to offer the units that are near new.


Kids Quads

Children's ATVs safely instill a love for motorsports. Small engine models for children are limited in speed and power, yet they are good copies of "adult" vehicles. Children’s ATVs have restrictions on power and speed that are controlled by parents according to the experience and age of the child operating the vehicle. Generally kids quads are a very safe step into the world of powersports.

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Polaris ATV

Polaris is big in the United States and Canada, and especially tailored to the needs of these markets: four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. In addition to utility ATVs, Polaris also produces many sport and children’s ATV models. They are all different designs and have become highly reliable in recent years. You can’t go wrong with Polaris when searching for a used 4 wheeler.


Yamaha ATV

Yamaha offers a wide range of different designs and colors, including the rugged utility ATV model Grizzly and the sporty Raptor. These are among the most powerful, reliable and durable four whelers on the market. Typical of Japanese manufacturers, quality is good, and it holds up well on used four wheelers. Again, these are good bets when looking for a used atv for sale.


Honda ATV

Honda is the number one powersports manufacturer in the world and Honda ATVs are widely known for bulletproof reliability and ease of use. Honda products traditionally have high resale demand and their Foreman (utility ATV four wheeler) and TRX R-versions (sport ATV four wheeler) models are among the most popular in the industry.


ATV Repair

If you have a problem with your used four wheeler, we can help with any repair that might be necessary. ATV repair is very similar to the repair of any other vehicle, and spare parts are supplied by the same manufacturers. When you purchase a used four wheeler from Proud To Ride Powersports you can be sure we will be there for you when you need us.

Choosing which used ATV or used four wheeler to buy it is not difficult- just ask any of our salesmen for advice and describe how you intend to use it. For more information- use an internet search engine and type something like "used ATV opinions”, “used ATV review”, “used four wheelers" or “used four wheelers for sale” and you'll get a lot of useful links, and you’ll probably find our company: used ATVs for sale is a big part of our business.