Online used motorcycle auctions, dealer auctions

International wholesale dealers, please, read our motorcycle export page and contact us to get additional information about auction access and export


Motorcycle auctions are mostly intended for dealers, while individuals have to buy on eBay and anywhere around. At Proud To Ride we can offer you an opportunity to get your motorcycle directly from a dealer auction (NPA) with the smallest commission ever. To do this first fill out the bike request form on our website.

    Factors to consider when buying from auctions:
  • All units are sold as-is where-is
  • Information in the auction list is all that you have - description and pictures
  • There is hardly ever 100% accuracy in an auction list, we estimate it as 90%
  • Auction fees apply on top of our commission
  • Delivery needs to be organized (and paid) - this is an extra risk
  • You get the bike in a week

Prices are often lower than average retail, but the quality is poorer, too, in most cases. As a rule these bikes are mostly repossessions and trade-ins - nobody really cares in what condition they are, because dealers will take care of that in any case.

In most cases buying a used motorcycle from a dealership is a smarter choice really. But if the price is the primary concern - let's go for it. The information about the current auctions will be available online soon. For now, please, use our desktops in the office to make choices and consider your bids.