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Proud To Ride is well established in the business of exporting used motorcycles from the United States - in fact, this is how we started back in 2006. When you select a vehicle from our inventory, you can trust that we will be able to help you get that used motorcycle or used ATV to you - wherever in the world you happen to be.

We export both to businesses and individuals.


Motorcycle export for businesses (wholesale)

crates for motorcycles

Motorcycle export and wholesale is a large part of our business. We have on-line price-lists for our wholesale partners, which are available directly on our website after you have registered and received your dealer status. We have special pricing even for those dealers who are not yet able to handle full container loads. Check details with our motorcycle export service representative. Prior to packing and shipping all our export motorcycles will have their fuel drained for safety and batteries disconnected to preserve them in working condition.

We also offer motorcycles export and wholesale programs that require ZERO INVESTMENT from your side.

Here are the different ways to export on a regular basis:

  • single motorcycle export (requires individual crate for each unit)
  • consolidated container loads (all units go to the same country, may require individual crate for each unit))
  • full container loads 20' (contains about 14 bikes or 6-8 ATVs) or 40' high cube (contains about 30 bikes or 16 ATVs)

Your business may perform as our agent in your city/country. In this case you minimize your investment or even make a ZERO investment in the inventory. This program is designed for small businesses that have a range of potential customers, but are not yet ready to buy in volume.

The next step is building up your own inventory in your store. These merchants receive better discounts though they still do not need to pack the whole container for export.

When you are ready for full container loads you begin to get the most out of your business. You receive the best pricing and spare a lot on shipping costs.

Regardless of whether you buy a full container or smaller quantities we will export motorcycles to South America, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Please, refer all your questions to our wholesale sales representatives.


Motorcycle export for individuals

crates for motorcycles

At Proud To Ride, we are interested in your total satisfaction. We know that if we help you with issues like international motorcycle shipping, you will return to buy your next bike from us - and so will your friends!

This service does not just mean that we will make a phone call or two on your behalf. We make a custom crate for your purchase and ship it from the Port of Miami to your port of destination. While there is always the possibility of damage occurring when bikes are shipped thousands of miles, we have the experience and expertise to make sure this risk is seriously minimized. We will do whatever we can to make sure your new baby gets there in top condition!

Be aware of the customs clearance procedures in your country prior to making a purchase. It might be difficult to correct shipping documents that accompany your motorcycle, so it is smart to make things right from the very beginning.

We are eager help you export your motorcycle to Canada, the United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Virgin Islands, Antigua, Guatemala, Germany, Norway, Poland, Chile, Taiwan, France, England, Italy, Spain, Japan, Greece, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico and most other countries.