If you need assistance choosing what type of motorcycle you want, read further.

Used motorbikes for sale

Motorbike sales are carried out from our warehouse in South Florida. Our used motorcycles prices are being constantly matched to the current market prices and you can be sure that you will have a good deal with us.

We offer a full line of pre-owned motorcycles: cruisers, choppers, sport bikes, naked (standard) bikes, dirtbikes (off-road and dual-purpose), touring and sport-touring, travel enduro, motard, etc. Thanks to our strong and vast network, we can find virtually any motorcycle that suits your needs and also your budget. We also understand your worries when purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle. That is why all our motorcycles must pass a thorough inspection before going into our showroom.

At all times we stock:

  • used Honda motorcycles
  • used Yamaha motorcycles
  • used Suzuki motorcycles
  • used Kawasaki motorcycles

Less often we have:

  • used Harley-Davidson motorcycles
  • used Ducati motorcycles
  • used Triumph motorcycles
  • used BMW motorcycles

These are the different types of used motorbikes available for purchase:

Cruisers and Choppers

cruiser Cruisers and choppers come in many different styles and engine sizes and are designed with a more relaxed, laid-back riding position, giving you the feeling of freedom to hit the road. Generally you will ride with feet forward and hands in a relaxed position. This makes cruisers and choppers the best choice for casual riding. Another way to have fun with your cruiser or chopper is that, with all of the chrome accessories available, you will be able to customize it with your own personal touch.

Since they are heavily chromed, we need to be careful in making sure corrosion has not set in and begun to damage bikes of this type that are more than a couple years old. This is usually only a problem with much older bikes.


Sport bikes

sport bike Sport bikes offer the most thrilling ride you can ever experience and also offer the most advanced technology and design available. Sport bikes have the best aerodynamic design when compared with other classes of used bikes. If you are looking for high-performance, this is the way to go. Generally, a sport bike will have higher foot pegs, which position the legs closer to the body, and a longer reach to the hand controls, which will position the body and center of gravity forward and above the fuel tank for maximum maneuverability. Thinking about where to get all of your accessories and high-performance products for your sport bike? Look no further than Proud To Ride Powersports--we have your covered. Give us a call and let's get you riding.

Sport bike is usually the most aggressively ridden type pf used bike, this is true. Usually the signs of any trouble are visible to us as professionals when examining a sport bike before purchase at auction or from private owners. Therefore every single sportbike that we offer for sale is in good condition and will go riding on "happily ever after." Don't be bothered that some bikes might have minor scratches - this is all only the appearance and cosmetics and has no affect whatsoever on the ride. What is important is that the sportbike had no internal damage - we never sell crashed bikes, The worst that we allow for sale are light low-sides.


Standard and naked

This is your very basic type of the motorcycle. These bikes often have very little or no fairing and just a little bodywork. This type of bike is very popular for everyday commuting and around town riding. If you love doing your own motorcycle maintenance, this type of bike is perfect for you. With no fairing covering your engine, servicing your bike it is as easy as 123. With a standard or naked bike, you will experience an upright riding position that is comfortable and gives the best visibility on any road.


Dirt bike, Motocross, Motard

We have joined these motorcycle classes in one section: they are generally similar in construction, often built on the same basic model, changing only certain characteristics specific to the class of motorbike. Off-road bikes are commonly referred to as dirt bike.

dual sport Enduro, or so-called “dual-purpose” bikes (dual sport), are designed for driving on rough terrain and on roads. Enduros have high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, fuel-efficient engines and low weight. These motorcycles can overcome obstacles and still be able to travel on ordinary roads. Enduros make it convenient to travel to areas of the country where roads are rough and narrow.

Motocross bikes, best known to all of us as dirt bike, are built for off-road rides. Dirt bike is lightweight, built with metal such as aluminum in place of heavier metals, has high-performance engines, long travel suspension and knobby tires for better traction in the dirt. Motocross bikes are different from enduro in that they have less weight, more "evil" engines, often (but not always) no headlights (so they are not allowed to travel on public roads), different suspension settings - in short, dirt bike is for extreme sports and entertainment. Motocross bikes are usually bought to ride on motocross tracks, and for jumps and stunts. Until recently dirt bike continued to offer only two-stroke engines, which had more power and torque than their four-stroke brethren of the same cubic capacity. However, new environmental requirements have changed that. Dirt bikes range from 50cc to 650cc, making them perfect as a family pastime. Children as young as four years old can use a 50cc dirt-bike. Here at Proud to Ride, we have a wide range of dirt-bikes and all the motocross gear you will need (helmet, chest protector, boots, etc).

Motard is a mixture of motocross and enduro motorcycle fitted with street tires. Like a dirt bike or enduro, this class of motorcycle is also lightweight and maneuverability is excellent.


Touring motorbikes

Touring motorcycles have been designed with one purpose in mind--long distance travel. Some of the larger models, like the Honda Goldwing or the Yamaha Royal Star Venture, offer lots of comfort and convenience features. A full-dress touring motorcycle often includes CB radio, Am/Fm radio, hard luggage and, in some cases, a top mounted box. Large fairings and a windshield will keep you protected from the wind, rain, dust, rocks etc.

Touring bikes also come equipped with a high-capacity fuel tank to help you achieve long ranges between fill-ups. So if you are looking for a very large displacement, torque rich engine and a very upright, comfortable riding position, a touring motorcycle is the perfect fit for you. Give us a call and we will help you pick the right one for you.



cruiser Without a doubt, scooters are a blast to own. The main reason for this is that scooters are fully automatic. There is no need to change gears, which will help you get from point A to point B in a flash. Scooters are significantly more fuel efficient and, with fuel prices on the rise, will save lots of money every time your ride. Another reason that scooters are so attractive is the amount of storage available. If you need to carry an extra helmet, or maybe your laptop, no problem--you will have plenty of room.

Proud to Ride will carry scooters starting from 250cc and up. This will give you the flexibility to enjoy city riding as well as highway riding. Any scooter below 250cc is not allowed on the highway.


Sport Touring motorbikes

Experience the best of both worlds--a blend of performance and long-distance capabilities. Sport touring bikes are very comfortable and offer a lot more luggage carrying space than any sport-bike.

Here are some key differences from the sport-bike class:
• Large fairings for better weather protection.
• Longer wheel base
• Pull back handle bars for more upright seating position
• Detachable luggage

If you don't want to sacrifice comfort over performance, a sport touring motorcycle is the ideal motorcycle for you.


Travel Enduro

travel enduro Travel Enduro motorcycles are the street legal version of motocross mixed with features of a touring bike. This class of motorcycle can do it all--from touring, to off-road, to exploring the Sahara desert. Experience the flexibility of having a motorcycle that does anything and everything a motorcyclist can ever imagine. So, if you are looking for adventure on the open road AND off road, a travel enduro bike can get you there.