Quality of products and services - is our best concern

Before we buy anything for resale our qualified specialists examine each unit thoroughly. If there is something wrong about a unit and this cannot be fixed by us - we do not buy it! Because we really care about what we sell.

All motorcycles for sale and ATVs have passed careful examination, detailing and service (if needed) and are malfunction-free.

At the same time to supply for the demand of those who do not care about how their ride looks, we offer some cheap units that require "giving it a hand and time". In this case we advertise and sell a unit "as is".

All motorcycles and ATVs offered for sale have been prepared for sale with some or all works below performed on them:


  • carb synchronization (for non-fuel-injected units)
  • spark plugs change
  • fork seals and oil replacement
  • brakes overhaul
  • tire replacement (if marginal)
  • light bulbs replacement
  • battery replacement (if needed)
  • engine and transmission oil change


So each and every unit is ready to ride malfunction-free!

If there is anything extra you want to do about your ride, like installation of a security system, aftermarket components - we can always order them for you and install in our motorcycle workshop.