Terms for shipping parts and accessories will be shown when we actually start shipping them, so far we have not set up yet.

Shipping of motorcycles within and out of Florida

We understand that finding a nice and fairly priced motorcycle or a good used ATV is not an easy task. So it often happens that customers from other states and cities of Florida want to buy a motorcycle or an ATV from us. We welcome this and have put together several links for you to be able to chose the best shipping company for you.

Though we can assist you in shipping, all transport / shipping your motorcycle or ATV is 100% your responsibility. We recommend that you start the insurance coverage on your bike as soon as the paperwork has been completed. Below we are providing you with various links just as a service. We do not recommend one company over the other, etc.

Here are these companies:

Our terms of shipping:

  • Bikes are shipped fully assembled to avoid missing parts.
  • Documents are shipped separately.
  • Payments for shipping are made directly to shipping companies, not the dealership.
  • Proud To Ride Powersports Inc. is not liable for the quality of service of shipping companies or possbile damages that might arise in connection with their services.

If you had a bad experience with one of these companies, please, let us know

If you are arranging your transportation of the bike, we will need the name and the phone number of the company which will pick it up. Please, ensure this it is correct since in some occasions transport companies sub contract other carriers. We would need the name and phone number of the company who will actually pick up the bike. Transport will need to contact us a day in advance of arrival. Pick up will be Monday through Friday from 10AM to 5PM.

IMPORTANT: Most shipping companies WILL NOT take the key with the motorcycle. It is YOUR responsibility to check with the transport and let us know. If not, the key will be sent to you together with the documents for your bike. Also, the check list for transport when the bike is picked up from our location is a set of codes very difficult to interpret. We cannot go through a list of codes from the shipping company to determine there is a rock chip on the bike. The way it's written, they could mark a small chip, but if the same spot is damaged it will be noted the same when you get it. PLEASE ensure you understand this fully. Feel free to call us if we need to explain further.

Out of state buyers will receive their title usually within 7-30 days from date of sale and after funds have been cleared. All titles will be mailed Express mail with signature at delivery. Same for keys if you prefer.

Shipping motorcycles abroad

We use specialized transportation companies to ship individually packed motorcycles abroad. Bikes are individually packed to preserve them securely until they reach the consignee in another country. For wholesale deals, please, contact our wholesale sales representative.


Please ensure you comply with all import regulations. See links below for info:

These links are subject to change without our notice, so, please, double check with search engines for correct links and full information about your government websites and import terms.