Most terms listed below are common sense, and understood by 99.9% of buyers. We just have to mention them so there is no misunderstanding, as well as our protection. We want you to be happy with your purchase, without any surprises. Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions, or are not clear about anything listed on our web site. We will do our best to make sure you have a wonderful riding experience with your purchase.

Terms for buying motorcycles and ATVs

All motorcycles are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS without any exceptions. There are no returns or credits, once paperwork and payment have been completed. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the motorcycle meets your requirements. You may use any mobile inspection company that can come to us. We do not allow our bikes to be taken out of our dealership. Normal wear and tear is to be expected on any previously owned Motorcycle.

We do not have access to previous title or ownership history. We purchase our bikes with current clean title and we sell them that way. Painting a bike is very common. The previous owner could have repainted a bike partially or completely for various reasons such as: accidents, customizing, etc. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain any and all information about the bike you are purchasing PRIOR to completing your purchase.

ALL bikes we sell will have the VIN# etched on the vertical steering column. The sticker indicating VIN# info, year, etc may or may not be present.

There are NO returns or credit, once you sign the paperwork. You own the bike. As is the case with any used motorcycle there may be some wear, dings, scratches/scuffs or even some minor damage to fairings, etc. All information posted about our bikes is based on the technical inspection that we made and a visual inspection. Items such as books & manuals, tools, extra keys, etc may or may not be included. Also it is YOUR responsibility to ensure everything is in working order. We do not perform long test drives, we only make sure that bikes shift through all gears, have normally working clutch, engine and suspension, and are in working order at the moment of inspection. Due to our insurance, there will be no test drive allowed to a client or his representative.

Also some bikes may be under factory warranty, but it is your responsibility to check the status of the warranty, and their limitation or transfer fees.

We are licensed by State of Florida and we operate under Florida rules and regulations. We will not be responsible for your state laws or regulations if they differ from that of the State of Florida.

Taxes and registration

If you are in Florida, by law we will have to collect all Tax, Tag & Title fees and other fees that apply. These fees are NOT negotiable. We will then handle the motorcycle registration for you. Out-of-State customers, do not pay any documentation fees. If the bike is purchased through eBay site, there will be a $150 fee. Tax, Tag & Title for out-of-state customers is done at their own state by the buyer. All of our titles are correct for state of Florida, but some states may have other requirements. Customer accepts any fee which may be associated with this service, and this may delay the title to you. Out-of-state customers, can usually expect the title within 7-30 days from the purchase date. Title may also be sent to your lender, if requested.


At the moment we accept Cash, Cashier's check and Bank Wire Transfer only for security reasons. All check transactions, including Cachier's check have to be verified with your bank and cleared before we release your purchase and you can pick it up.

In ALL cases your funds will need to verified and cleared prior to vehicle leaving our showroom. We recommend Bank Wire transfer for security & timeliness. Please note that cashier's check or other bank checks are NOT considered cash, and are not secure until cleared by our bank.

Other secure payment options are comming very soon.