Yet there are certain rules for this.

Motrocycles and four wheelers that we sell are pre-owned. We understand that you would need to test them or have them tested by a professional. Here are our rules and policies

Sitting on bikes

Sitting on bikes is allowed, but has to be supervised by a representative of our dealership. At no times can a cutomer sit on a bike without a representative securing that bike and other inventory. Motorcycles have only two wheels and they get tipped over, scratched and marked very easily. We try to deliver bikes to our customers in the best possible shape, so boot marks and scratches that may be caused by people sitting on them, are very undesireable. Please, be responsible: if you do not plan to buy that particular bike, please, opt not to sit on that bike to save it from possible damage. In the end you may become the one who buys a bike that is in poorer shape than when it first appeared on the floor.

Motorcycle and ATV engine starting

Of course a used motorcycle or ATV should be started prior to buying. But it should not be started all the time by everybody who just wants to hear it hum.

    Here are just some consequences that may result from if a bike is started all the time:
  • 1. Dead spark plugs - they just don't warm up enough to start to self-clean; 3-10 starts without full warm up and riding, and they have to be replaced
  • 2. Dead battery - it does not eceive enough current to get charged, while each start drains it; one full discharge shortens battery life by about 25%
  • 3. Heavy condensation of moisture in the exhaust - it gets hot and cools down every now and then
  • 4. Possible regulator-rectifier damage (very unlikely, but happened in our experience)
That is why the bikes should be started only before they are really bought and this is to be done outside with full warm up. Why? Do you want a bike with half dead spark plugs and battery? Nobody does. Please, take a responsible attitude to that.

Test Driving

This is not covered by any dealer insurance in this country unfortunately. We wish we could allow test drives, but we cannot. With many people around who are inclined to file lawsuits about anything - we can't do this, guys. Sorry.

But there is a way to see it going - you can ask one of our employees to test drive a bike for you and ask your questions.